National challenge:

soil degradation or restoring its fertility

9 December 2021

Fertile soil is the key to the food security of the state. It also significantly affects the atmosphere composition, groundwater and surface water and biodiversity. More than 40% of living organisms are related to soil during their lifetime. But FAO estimates that 20% of Ukraine's farmland has already been severely degraded and the rest is under threat. Dehumidification, depletion of nutrients, physical degradation, erosion, pesticide pollution - all this has led to the fact that over the past 130 years, Ukrainian lands have lost 30% of humus. Stopping soil degradation is a strategic issue!

That is why we gather scientists, business and government officials for dialogue and development of proposals via cooperation. The conference National challenge: soil degradation or restoring its fertility is an international event that will take place in Kyiv for the second time.


II International Conference National challenge: soil degradation or restoring its fertility — stabilize the partnership between government, business and the scientific community to implement important strategic steps to restore soil fertility

The conference will bring together participants from around the world and our lively discussion will definitely give you a lot of insights.


Hours of presentation of unique research and years of experience




key topics



Simultaneous Ukrainian-English translation will be provided. We invite you to involve your colleagues and partners from all over the world, because the theme of soil fertility applies to everyone.



Agrarian business participants of various ownership forms and cultivation technologies

For science in order to hear the request of business

State institutions that are related to soil protection technologies

All who are interested in the topic of preserving fertility and improving Ukrainian soils

You will receive:


Online access to the conference and the opportunity to ask your questions to the speakers in zoom.


Presentation materials designed specifically for the conference and video recordings


Practical cases
important! all the materials from the event will be available only to conference participants

3 key topics:


scale, causes and consequences of soil degradation: scientific rationale and forecasts


practical steps to fertile land: existing technologies and success stories from agrobusiness


the state as a guarantee of preserving soil fertility


10:00 - 10:10
Beginning – opening
Olga Trofimtseva

President of the Ukrainian National Technological Platform «Agrofood Platform», Acting Minister of Agrarian Policy 2019
Irina Tikhomirova

President of Business School МІМ
Oleksandr Dombrovskyi

Head of PU «Global 100% RE Ukraine», Deputy Head of the Management Board of MHP
10:10 - 11:50
Degradation of soil: scientific background and forecasts
Vladyslav Bolokhovskyy

Strategic committee`s Head of soil fertility revival "Organic Ukraine" NGO, candidate of agricultural sciences, general director of BTU-CENTER group of companies
Tetyana Khomenko

Commercial Director of BTU-Center group of companies
Oleksandr Zhuravel

Acting FAO/GEF Project Coordinator
Mykola Miroshnychenko

Research Deputy Director of National Scientific Center «Institute for Soil Science and Agrochemistry Research named after O.N. Sokolovsky», honorary chairman of UASP

«Management of plant nutrition in the context of climate change»
Svitlana Korsun

Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Head of the Institute of Applied Biotechnology BTU-Center group of companies

Svitlana Romanova

Scientific Secretary of the State Institution «Soil Protection Institute of Ukraine» candidate of agricultural science

«The current state of soil in Ukraine: the results of agrochemical examination of agricultural lands»
Oksana Tonha

Dean of the Agrobiology Faculty «National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine», Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor

«Modern methods of soil fertility management in Ukraine»
12:05 - 14:10
Practical steps: existing technologies and success stories from agribusiness
Mikhail Zhurba

Deputy Head of Scientific and Research Kernel Department (Head of Microbiological Area)

«Ways to optimize crop nitrogen fertilization and reduce nitrogen losses through regulation of microbial activity of soil»
Andriy Kravchuk

Innovation Development Specialist at MHP

«Peculiarities of the use of organic additives and bags in MHP»
Oleksandr Derevyanchenko

Head of the Department of Agronomic Expertise of «Continental Farmers Group»
Volodymyr Fantukh

Honored Worker of Agriculture, Ph.D. s.-g. Sciences, Head of the Development and Innovation Department in the «Ukrlandfarming Group of Companies»

«Ways of preserving the fertility of land under conditions of intensification of land production»
Eduard Romankov

Director ofSoyuz-Spetstekhnika LLC (“Agro-Soyuz” Holding)

«The role of soil organic matter in obtaining stable yields»
14:10 - 15:00
The state as a guarantor of soil fertility and non-governmental projects as mediators in the implementation of public policy
Olena Korogod (Berezovska)

President of "Organic Ukraine" NGO
Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine TBC

Olga Budnik tbc

Executive Director of the Eidos Center, Head of the Department of Political Education
Volodymyr Nekhay

Agronomy Consultant

«Financing of climate-oriented agriculture»
Dmitro Kravtsov

Environmental Specialist, UHBDP

«Current state of soils in Ukraine: results of agrochemical survey of agricultural lands»
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